Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Sun Dappled Walk

The Gorge was among the many natural land sites we visited while in New Hampshire. The days were sunny and dry. The strong shadows from the sunshine can often go unnoticed. But not on this day.

I took a bit longer with this than I have been on my daily easel paintings. My paint was just too wet to get the shadows the way I wanted, so I began this painting yesterday and completed it this morning.

Typically I choose the paint tubes of the colors I plan on using and just dive right in. But I've been unhappy with the greens that I've been getting. And I wanted to use a different color for the dappled sun and shadows other than what I've used in the past. Taking my time, mixing various colors and combinations prior to even starting was how I began this painting and will likely be the way I begin all of my paintings in the future. While mixing, I got a real feel for the variances in what I saw in my reference photo and what I wanted to feel in my painting. The frustration of trying to get a color (or fix a color) just the way I wanted while in the midst of painting was all but gone since I'd created most of my colors ahead of time. In the end, it probably took me less time making this another good practice to add to my journey in improving my artwork.
A Sun Dappled Walk, 6 x 6 in, Oil on canvas panel