Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Hen House

When my parents sold our big house and moved into a smaller one, this hen house came with it. It hadn't been used for its original purpose in years, but had electricity and was dry and solid. As young adults, all of us siblings had secret ideas of what we'd like to do with it. But for the most part, it was used for storing seasonal yard items and our personal treasures. 
Tar paper siding and the same colored roof, we painted the trim "barn red" per my father's request. They didn't have the same color matching tools available today, so the color was more of a dark pink than red. The photo was taken in Spring before all the trees had filled out

I found myself tightening up again in technique and color in this piece. So I continued painting with a palette knife to add a bit more fun if not flair. If you are a painter and haven't painted with a palette knife, it is fun to work with. Like buttering bread!